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Dec 12, 2017



2-Minute Tip: Practice in Real Shoes


When we have a  big presentation on the calendar, we may be tempted to pick up a new outfit and new shoes to feel all shiny and new, and to imbue us with more confidence. And that's great. It's also important, though, to practice in that new outfit.


If half way through...

Dec 5, 2017

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2-Minute Tip: Skip the Gimmicks


Original ideas in a presentation are fun, but don't confuse originality with gimmickry. A gimmick is often more about the ego of the presenter who wants to show off how clever they are. It becomes...

Nov 28, 2017


2-Minute Tip: Watch for Keystone

  No matter how pretty your slides, they won't look good if your projector isn't set up properly. One common issue with data projectors is keystoning. When instead of a rectangle on your screen, you find a trapezoid, you have a keystone issue. The bottom of the image is narrower than...

Nov 21, 2017

2-Minute Tip: Be Thankful

  As we begin Thanksgiving week here in the US, it's a good time to think about being thankful as speakers. And not just to the universe or deity(ies) of your choice. While speaki9ng may seem like a solitary activity where we are on stage or at the front of a conference room by ourselves, there...

Nov 14, 2017

2-Minute Tip: Let it Go

  When things start to go wrong, our instinct is often to panic and make a split second decision to stop whatever is falling, crashing, or coming apart at the seams. Often this is the wrong instinct. Instead, let it go, take a moment to assess the situation, and then recover. When you can do this...