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May 30, 2017


2 Minute Tip: Memorize Your Intro

  Think back to a recent presentation you saw. Do you remember how it started? What do you remember about the speaker's effectiveness?  Do you remember more about the beginning of the presentation or the middle of it?  The first 2-3 minutes of a presentation are critical. That's when...

May 23, 2017

2 Minute Tip: Where Can We Learn More?

  It's highly unlikely any of us as speakers will be in a situation where someone wants us to tell them absolutely everything we know, along with the background on all those details and to do it in one super long session. They may still want the information; they just don't want to...

May 16, 2017


2 Minute Tip: Use a Call To Action

  If you've ever left a meeting and wondered, "What now?" the speaker probably did not use a Call To Action. The Call To Action tells the audience what the speaker would like it to do. That could include things like:  
  • Take concrete steps
  • Consider some new ideas
  • Implement a...

May 9, 2017


2 Minute Tip: Practice without Slides

  No matter how much we plan, things go wrong at times. When they do, we may not always have time to correct them. If your computer crashes while you're in the middle of a presentation, would you be able to continue without using your slides?  It's important to practice delivering...

May 2, 2017


2 Minute Tip: Bring an Extra Shirt

  Stuff happens as we go about life. We spill (and sadly waste) coffee. Our co workers spill things on us. We perspire more than we'd like. And, yet, we still need to stand up in front of a crowd and speak.  That's why is so important to have a spare shirt in your office, car, or...