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Oct 31, 2017


2-Minute Tip: Don't Trust the Internet

  There are many times it seems like a good idea to use the Internet in a presentation, but if you do, make sure you have a plan B. All sorts of things can go wrong. Your audience might take up all the bandwidth. Your presentation space may have poor coverage. You could encounter...

Oct 24, 2017


2-Minute Tip:  Dim the Lights

  The data projector/projector screen combo has been a mainstay of the AV setup in conference rooms for years, but it can still be hard to see the visuals.   Data projectors have gotten brighter over the years, yet they still benefit from less ambient light. They tend to have a long...

Oct 17, 2017


2-Minute Tip: Use Silence

  Everything we do as speakers communicates something to the audience -- how we move, how we dress, how we gesture, how we speak, and how we don't speak.   Silence is a powerful tool. A speaker can use silence to:  

  • Emphasize a point
  • Let your audience soak up information
  • Give your audience a...

Oct 10, 2017


2-Minute Tip: Prepare 5 Questions

  We all want an engaged audience. Sometimes that doesn't happen. To deal with it, have a plan before you start. Instead of scrambling for ways to engage your crowd on the fly, choose 5 questions before you start that you know you can ask. It gives you a chance to engage a quiet group...

Oct 3, 2017


2 Minute Tip: Say Thanks

  When we conduct a successful presentation, audience members will often give us a compliment. When they do that, say, "Thanks. I appreciate that."   Don't tell them they're wrong, and don't deflect the compliment. Simply accept it with grace and thank them for their kind words.