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Feb 27, 2018


2-Minute Tip: Use an Event Form


I used to travel from Seattle to Irvine, CA, quite a bit. It got to the point where I thought I knew where I was going down there. That was a false confidence. I began making wrong turns because I didn't think I needed a map to help me. As we do more public speaking, we can easily...

Feb 20, 2018

2-Minute Tip: Conduct Q&A Before Your Conclusion


Many speakers go through their entire talk, and then open things up for questions. This is a mistake. You will be more effective if you take question before you launch into your conclusion.


The end of your speech is a golden time. It's the last the audience will...

Feb 13, 2018



2-Minute Tip: Restrict Your Practice Time


Two of the biggest sins of public speakers are going overtime and rambling. Both disrespect the audience, When you go 5 minutes over, you're not just taking 5 minutes. You're taking 5 minutes from everyone in the room. If there are 20 people in the room,...

Feb 6, 2018

2-Minute Tip: Keep Your Shirt Off


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (if you believe "Big Breakfast"). When travelling to give a talk, we may start the day with room service breakfast in a hotel room while we putter about getting ready for the day. That makes it really easy to spill coffee or jelly on...