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Apr 24, 2018



2-Minute Tip: Believe Them


When your audience members tell you that you did a good job, believe them.


In our zeal to be the best we can be, many speakers have an inaccurate and often negative view of our own performances. Often we see how it could have been better. Or we notice a mistake no one in the...

Apr 17, 2018



2-Minute Tip: Schedule Your Practice


We mean well. We put "practice" and "rehearse" on our To Do lists. Unfortunately, that often gets bumped by other, more urgent matters. Or meetings get scheduled in our open blocks of time.


That's why it's important to schedule practice time on your calendar. Set up a...

Apr 10, 2018



2-Minute Tip: Photograph Your Space


The brain plays tricks on us. It can be difficult to see clutter and distractions in the space around us because we tune them out. That can be true in a home office, in a conference room, or on a presentation stage.


Try taking a picture of your presentation space with...

Apr 3, 2018



2-Minute Tip: Create a Folder


Many of us have thousands of files on our computers, in our clod drives, and attached to email messages. Getting to the right one can take some work. That's fine when we are by ourselves and have a few moments to spare. During a presentation, or between presentations, it can be...