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Mar 26, 2019

2-Minute Tip: Create a Presence 


Live everyday to create a presence that has presence when you're not present.


As a speaker, in order for your message to have impact, it has to be something that sticks with your audience when you are not there. You can do that by being a powerful, memorable speaker. 


But that's...

Mar 19, 2019



2-Minute Tip: Use Click Bait-ey Titles


When you need a title for your talk, take a lesson from all those click-bait titles you see on Facebook and other social platforms. Make it short, compelling, and maybe a little edgy.


When you promise a talk with the "5 Secrets to Successful Penguin Petting," you also have...

Mar 12, 2019

2-Minute Tip: Don't Squander Water Cooler Talk


After winning or losing a big sale in a store there's tendency to brag or vent to colleagues around a literal or metaphorical water cooler. It happens after a big talk, too. We celebrate the brilliance or decry the stupidity of an audience.




It's not effective....

Mar 5, 2019

2-Minute Tip: Practice


To be successful, there is no substitution for preparation. Practice. Rehearse. Prepare. And then practice some more.


When you see speakers who make it look easy -- who effortlessly string together words and phrases and jokes and more -- it's usually not off the cuff. It's because they've...