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Oct 23, 2019

2-Minute Tip: Earn your Confidence


If you project confidence on stage your audience is more likely to believe you. If you are confident, you’ll feel less nervous getting up to speak.


Confidence doesn’t come for free, though. You have to earn it. And you earn it by doing to work — by planning, editing,...

Oct 9, 2019

2-Minute Tip: Be Vulnerable


We often talk about the importance of authenticity as a speaker. Another way to think about it, though, is vulnerability.


The benefit of vulnerability as a speaker is that the audience can feel where you are coming from. It’s easier for them to connect with you.


And if they feel that...

Oct 2, 2019

2-Minute Tip: Know 3 Stories


While it’s helpful to have lots of stories at your disposal, there are three types that will help you in speeches, job interviews and client interactions.  They are Underdog, Authority, and Fixer.


The Underdog story is the story of where you came from. It’s the obstacles life put in...