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Jan 17, 2017

This Week's Tip: Use the Cursor Keys

  When you are in slide show mode, you can navigate a PowerPoint slide deck by using the cursor keys. This makes it easier to navigate back and forth through your slides while speaking to a group.  

Post Tip Discussion

  We start by talking about the nature of PowerPoint. Many folks have learned to fear "Death by PowerPoint," and they blame PowerPoint for bad meetings.   In reality, this is not a problem with the tool. It's the way folks use PowerPoint.   If you don't want to use it, that's fine, and the reality is that in most organizations and meetings, not using it is not an option.     The trick to successfully using PowerPoint is to use it to reinforce what the speaker is saying, not to replace the speaker.   In many organizations, PowerPoint is the Word Processor of choice. If your organization is like that, make sure you do not use the same decks for email reports that you use to conduct a presentation. To be effective the deck should be written for the way you expect your audience to consume it -- from a computer at their desk or led by a presenter at a meeting.   A deck is not a presentation. You cannot email someone a presentation because a presentation exists at a specific time and place.   What are your thoughts on PowerPoint and how to use it properly? Post them here, or call the listener line at 650-TalkTip (650-825-5847)