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Jan 24, 2017

This Week's Tip: Arrive the day before the event

If a speaking engagement is important enough to travel for, it's important enough to arrive the day before.  There are always unexpected challenges that can arise when you have an event planned, and throwing in air travel only multiples them. When you fly in the day before you give yourself the options and flexibility you need to deal with unforeseen circumstances.  

P"Talk LIke TED" Book coverost Tip Discussion: A Review of Carmine Gallo's "Talk Like TED -- The 9 Public Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds"

  In this episode, I discuss the nature of a TED Talk, the themes in Carmine Gallo's book, and the most important take-aways that I found as I read it.  (Hint: it's his secret number 8, "Paint a Mental Picture with Multisensory Experiences.")   The Home for TED Talks is  You can find the 25 most viewed TED Talks here.   After I recorded the episode, I did a little more research and found out the J Peterman company parodied in Seinfeld is actually a real catalog company.  That's my big surprise of the week. You can find them here on the web and check out their product descriptions. They might not be quite as epic as the ones Elaine dealt with, but they're close.   I briefly reference Spoon Theory when talking about energy levels. You can read more about this valuable metaphor here in Wikipedia, and you can read the original story at  

Call to Action


  1. Check out the TED talks on line, find a favorite, and then pay attention to how the speaker tells their story.
  2. Check out Carmine Gallo's book. What do you think of it?
  3. Comment on this article and let us know what your favorite TED Talk is and why.  Also, if you've read Gallo's book, what do you think about it?
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  Thanks, and don't get best -- get better.