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Mar 7, 2017

This Week's Tip: Record Yourself

  When you record your practice sessions or presentations, you give yourself a powerful tool for professional growth.   When you're in the middle of a presentation, you have a bunch of important things to focus on. Number 1 of course is your audience. Plus you can't hear or see yourself the way your audience does. The physics of human anatomy simply make that impossible. By recording your self, you make it possible to go back later, perhaps with a little distance, and do a full assessment of your actual performance.   If the recording it great, you now also have piece for your portfolio if you ever find yourself job hunting.  

Post Tip Discussion: An Interview with Tim Garber (Part 2)

  Tim Garber is a university trained public speaker passionate about health care, education, and consumer electronics. His professional speaking career began nearly 20 years ago recording retail store voicemail greetings before he moved on to teaching salespeople how to sell computers and servers while teaching educators how to use tablets and projectors in the classroom. He used his vocal talents in 2010 to host “The Info Desk,” a technology podcast by the National Sales Trainers at Toshiba, designed to help salespeople be more productive. Tim then moved on to a career in the medical staffing field, teaching regular courses to new staff to help them place the right medical practitioners with the right facilities. A passionate fan of the original Fallout game, Tim live in Dallas with his wife Angela and two, rapidly-growing children.   In this episode, Tim and I talk what public speaking means to us and the deep impact it has on our lives.   Notable Tim Garber links:  

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