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Mar 14, 2017


This Week's Tip: Repeat the Question

  When an audience member asks a question during a presentation, be sure to repeat that question. There are several reasons to do this:
  • To make sure everyone hears it
  • To confirm the question
  • To summarize the question
  • To make it easier to answer
  When you do this, your session is more efficient since the audience won't have to ask you to repeat a question they didn't hear. Plus, people will feel acknowledged.  

Post Tip Discussion: What I saw on my Cruise

  During a week long vacation I saw 5 things that can help public speakers:
  • Rituals
  • Repetitive framework
  • Own the stage
  • Power of the stage
  • Alternative timers
  Exploring these areas can help you become an even stronger speaker.  

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  • Repeat the questions in your next session
  • Don't get best...get better