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May 23, 2017

2 Minute Tip: Where Can We Learn More?

  It's highly unlikely any of us as speakers will be in a situation where someone wants us to tell them absolutely everything we know, along with the background on all those details and to do it in one super long session. They may still want the information; they just don't want to sit through it all and neither do I. To make things easier for your more enthusiastic audience members, include a slide or develop a handout that tells your audience members where they can go to get more information.   That information can go well beyond the details of your presentation, and it can come from a wide assortment of sources like:  
  • Books
  • Websites
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Podcasts
  • Archived Interviews
  • ...and many more
  By pulling together the resources that informed your recent project you are also curating content for your audience, establishing your credibility, and becoming a great digital citizen.  

Post Tip Discussion: Manage Audience Expectations

  In every presentation, there are expectations. Whether it's a successful presentation or not really depends on who defines those expectations. As a speaker, you want that to be you. If not, your audience will set expectations, and you won't know what they are. There are five areas to consider when looking at expectations. They are:  
  1. Teach your audience to listen to you
  2. Set basic expectations around the logistics for short and long sessions.
  3. Manage the expectations in your content
  4. Use the BLUF technique
  5. Understand the risk of holding back for a big reveal.
  The BLUF technique, or "bottom line up front," is one I learned about from the folks over at Manager Tools and Career Tools. They're both excellent podcasts worth checking out.  

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