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May 30, 2017


2 Minute Tip: Memorize Your Intro

  Think back to a recent presentation you saw. Do you remember how it started? What do you remember about the speaker's effectiveness?  Do you remember more about the beginning of the presentation or the middle of it?  The first 2-3 minutes of a presentation are critical. That's when you have to hook your audience so they'll join you for the rest of your journey. You can make your intro stronger by memorizing it.  With a memorized introduction, you:  
  • Already know how the words flow together
  • Don't waste time on filler words like "um" and "ah"
  • Project more confidence
  • Make eye contact with more people
  Plus, as you memorize your intro while you prep your presentation, you can continue to revise and sharpen it further.   When you memorize your intro you put yourself in the best position to be successful.  

Post Tip Discussion: Learn from Lincoln

  In light of the Memorial Day weekend we just had, I decided to take a look at the Gettysburg address.  Lincoln gave his famous speech at the dedication for a cemetery for veterans of the Civil War killed during the Battle of Gettysburg just a few month earlier. President Lincoln wasn't even the featured speaker that day, but his short speech has endured in the American consciousness.  What can speakers learn today from what the President said in 1863?  
  • Be brief
  • Keep revising
  • Tie everything back to your theme
  You can learn more about the Gettysburg address in this Wikipedia article.   The closing music on this episode is the Molly Lewis Song, "Our American Cousin" from the album, "I made you a CD, but I eated it." Molly has links to her various albums, projects, social media and more at  

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  • Memorize your next introduction
  • Learn what you can from President Lincoln
  • Don't get best...get better