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Mar 28, 2017


This Week’s Tip: Manage your Handouts

  In many presentations, a speaker will start introducing themselves at the beginning and immediately start passing out handouts. The audience then begins reading those handouts during one of the most important parts of the presentation – the part where the speaker sets the tone for the rest of the session.   Instead of doing that, pass out handouts only when they are relevant to the material. Then, you can take a moment and pause to let the audience read the material, and you can use that material to reinforce the point you are making at that moment.  

Post Tip Discussion: 12 Webinar Tips

  Webinars are a popular way to speak with large groups of people while saving time and money. They are often not quite as effective as an in-person session, but the tradeoffs are usually worth it. Here are 12 Tips to make your webinars more effective.  

  1. Choose a quiet, distraction-free environment
  2. Check the background
  3. Stop streaming other stuff
  4. Know your software
  5. Streamline your slide deck
  6. Disable background tasks
  7. Arrive early
  8. Use a welcome screen
  9. Use a USB Webcam
  10. Use and external microphone
  11. Use the annotation tools
  12. Work with a partner


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  • Manage your handouts
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